Airplanes & Helicopters You Can Build And Fly

Did you know you could build your own airplane or helicopter? In Civil aviation, there are two main industries for aircraft buyers. There is the certified aircraft; where an aircraft goes through different phases, testing and certification process. And there is the experimental aircraft; where you buy a kit and build the plane or helicopter yourself. With an experimental airplane for example, you have a hand in literally everything that goes into the airplane. You get to pick your own engine, avionics and interior design. It’s like building your own car. Here are top 15 aircraft you can buy a kit for and build on your own.

Merlin PSA $19,000

Merlin PSA is a single pilot solo airplane built in the Czech Republic. It is a production aircraft in Europe but it is sold here in the US as a kit. Merlin PSA can be built in 2 weeks or less. The kit comes delivered with most of the work done for you. The fuselage and the landing gear come preinstalled. Legally you have to finish 51% of the build. Base price for the quick build kit is $18,500. You can finish your airplane right around $35,000.

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