Spider Wireless $100 Aviation Headset

Today I’m reviewing an entry level headset Spider wireless that cost only $100.

Spider wireless on Amazon

I was sent this headset to give an honest review so here we are. On this day I actually planned to use the Spider wireless headset on a full flight, winds was gusting way to high for us to fly. So instead I did a simple cockpit test.

The headset fit quite nicely on your head, it is a metal clamp headset so it might take some time to adjust to the tightness on your head. The material quality used in the build is pretty good. You also have an aux jack to listen to external music or sound form your phone ore device.

One issue I kept running into though was the sound/frequency kept cutting out. This can be caused by different things but no way of telling.

All in all I think the spider wireless headset is good buy for an entry level headset. For student pilots or just to have an extra headset laying around for passengers makes this headset a good bet.

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