“Don’t Bust The Airspace Mike” – Flight to Virginia

It is that time of the year. I’ve been pushing my instrument training on and off for months now. I’d started my training a year or 2 ago at the Sling pilot academy in Torrance CA but life kept happening fast so I haven’t been able to make time to complete it. So this week I’m taking 2 weeks off to spend all my time on training and hopefully become IFR certified.

My Airplane Specs. 

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– 2021 Sling TSi – Rotax 915 (141 hp engine) 

– Range: up to 1000 miles 

– Climb rate: 1200 fpm 

– Speed: 170 mph 

– Fuel: 8 gph – Dual G3x + G5 Backup + GTN 650 + GMC 507 Autopilot

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