Bristell Aircraft. All The Options Available
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Bristell Aircraft. All The Options Available

Bristell LSA by far one of the best looking light sport aircraft out there. We stopped by their booth at Oshkosh 2018. Here are all of the different options you can get in this airplane. First, the Bristell starts at $130,000, fully equipped or depending on the interior options and avionics you get, the price can go s high as $220,000.

The model we see in this video is a fully loaded airplane with a Garmin G3X Touch glass panel, auto pilot and a nice luxurious cabin. You can see all the bells and whistles just looking at all the beautiful colors in the cockpit. The Bristell is available in several options.

1. Standard classic Bristell with tricycle fixed landing hear

2. TDO – Tail dragger option

3. RG – Option with retractable landing gear

Also available are different engine choices

1. Rotax 912 engine – 80 HP to 100 HP

2. Rotax 914 turbo charged engine – 115 HP

3. Rotax 915 Turbo charged engine – 141 HP

Both the ROTAX 912 and 914 Engine can be fitted with the aircraft and remain in the light sport category. Not much changes with your speed if you are to upgrade to a 914 engine. You do have better climb out rate with the extra boost of power. Now if you were to opt in for the Rotax 915 Engine with 141 horse power, you would have to re-classify the aircraft. Because of the additional weight of the 915, and the performance which will require a constant speed propeller, the aircraft will be classified as an experimental because those additional changes puts it out of the light sport category.

Here are the performance numbers of the standard Bristell with 100 HP and Upgraded Bristell with 141 HP.


Engine: Rotax 100 HP

Speed: 133 MPH

Climb rate: 750 FPM

Fuel burn: 4.5 GPH


Engine: Rotax 141 HP

Speed: 161 MPH

Climb rate: 2200 FPM

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