Beechcraft Denali To Feature AutoLand, New Engine

Beechcraft Denali

Textron Aviation has said that it will install the game-changing Garmin emergency autoland system to its new Beechcraft Denali single-engine turboprop aircraft. This decision was driven by customer demands according to LannieO’Bannion, senior vice president, Sales, and flight operations.


beechcraft Denali

This is the world’s first turboprop aircraft certified for emergency autoland. It allows the aircraft to land automatically in case of pilot incapacitation and can be activated by a passenger. The minute this system is activated, it takes control of the aircraft and informs ATC of the emergency. It then calculates the most suitable airport for landing and will avoid terrain and poor weather. It will go into a stabilized approach and will automatically land the aircraft, making it stationary before shutting down the engine. This will come as a standard feature for the Beechcraft Denali. The cockpit is fitted with the Garmin G3000  avionics as well as the Garmin emergency Autoland.

The Beechcraft Denali aircraft, manufactured by Textron Aviation, is a single-engine turboprop. It has been highly anticipated by aviation enthusiasts and industry experts since 2016. This versatile aircraft has been designed to offer both high-performance and exceptional versatility, making it the ideal choice for personal and commercial use.



Beechcraft Denali

Garmin International earned the Robert J Collier trophy for this autoland system in 2020

Textron Aviation is also matching the Denali certification time to the production of the new Avio Aero of GE Aerospace catalyst Engine. This engine is a dual channel FADEC and propeller control equipped 1300 shaft horsepower (SHP) rated turboprop catalyst engine that provides easy jet-like power control in the cockpit as well as uncomparable operational efficiencies and engine protection This Engine reduces pilot workload with its single-lever power and propeller control.The Beechcraft  Denali will be the first turboprop aircraft powered by this Engine. The Beechcraft Denali is expected to hit the market in 2025.

This Beechcraft Denali also features McCauley’s new 105-inch diameter composite 5 blades constant speed propeller, full feathering, reversible pitch, and ice protected. It is the world’s first turboprop engine with 3-D printed parts


.Beechcraft Denali


These upgrades will ensure that the Beechcraft Denali remains a top choice for private pilots who value safety, performance, and versatility. If you’re in the market for a new aircraft, the Beechcraft Denali should be on your radar. Passengers will certainly embrace the emergency autoland because they will feel a sense of control as they can operate the autoland in case of pilot incapacitation by just pressing a button in the cockpit. This will be a new first for them.


The Beechcraft Denali has a cabin height of 1.47m and a length of 5.11m plus a width of 1.60m. It has a maximum cruise speed of 528km/hr. Maximum altitude ceiling of 31000ft. The Beechcraft Denali is designed to have a range of 1600 nautical miles with one crew and 4 passengers and will be able to fly from Chicago to Los Angeles, New York to Miami, or London to Athens.

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