TOP 5 Ways Flight Schools Cheat Students

It’s a great experience to fly. Becoming a pilot can be challenging though and here are things one should look out for at your registered flight school when training to becoming a certified pilot.

1. Maintenance – flight schools can be neglectful in keeping up with maintenance and sometimes they hold on maintenance on purpose to either safe cost or get you to pay more

2. You’re not ready to solo – flight schools may drag your training by delaying your solo flight. This in turn means you continue to pay more for flight training

3. Steep cancellation policy – flight schools can disallow you from canceling your scheduled flight even if aircraft is bad or the weather is is marginal to fly.

4. Joy rides – Bad instructors can take you on joy rides to build their own logged time so they can transition to the airliners quicker.

5. Instructor – Your flight instructor will play an important role on how soon you complete your training, so pick wisely.

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