Learn How To Fly The L-39 Tactical Jet Trainer

Learn To Fly The L-39 Tactical Jet Trainer here

Ever wanted to fly a fighter jet? you can either join the airfare or Navy and fly F18s Like Pete or if you’re lucked out, you can learn to fly a fighter jet trainer like the L-39. You will be trained by the best and experienced fighter pilots.

Pete Stavrides and his team are all tactical jet pilot with extensive knowledge and experience flying for the US navy. They train civilian private pilots like you and me how to fly a single engine military jet trainer like the L-39. the training and Cherie in a bird like this is pretty fast just like the aircraft itself. There are some prerequisites though. You would need at least 500 hours of flight time as pilot in command. And a total of 1000 hours. Just 500 of those hours have to be PIC.

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My Gear:
Main Camera –
Backup Camera –
Action Camera –
Handheld Cam Stabilizer –
Main Tripod –
Audio Recorder –
Lavalier Microphone –
Microphone Windscreen –


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