Lancair Mako High Performance Kit Plane

We are on day 2 at EAA Oshkosh Air venture 2018. And today we are looking at a kit plane which you guys requested; The new Lancair Mako. Mako is the newest model from one of the most popular airplane kit manufacturers Lancair, and they went quite the extra mile on this new 4-seater airplane.

The first and obvious about the Lanciar Mako is that it looks very much like it’s predecessor, the Lancair IV.

But if you look much closer, these are two totally different airplanes. They are both experimental, yes, which means you can build one to your satisfaction. That said, the Lanciar Mako is jam packed with a lot of really cool technology. Simple and intuitive enough that the average Pilot can get in and fly with ease.

Starting with the retractable nose landing gear. This feature is nice enough that it help reduces drag on the aircraft in cruise. What that translates to is a few extra knots in speed. The retract mechanism is also fully automated, no inputs necessary from the pilot. The wheels will come down and go back up on its own depending on your altitude and cruise speed.

Another cool feature I should mention is also in the interior. So in the Mako’s cockpit, you have a center control stick and your power/throttle on both sides. As explained in the video, the design was done to help increase width space in the cabin. Oh and speaking of these control touches, the throttle also has an rpm knob attached to it which I thought was cool.

And the center side stick has a voice command button. Look further down in the middle console and you will see a nice blue button that says: ENGINE START on it. The Lancair Mako is push to start. Nothing screams more Modern than that.

By far the coolest feature of this airplane by far is the price. The Lancair Mako kit starts at $127,000 and fully built, you’re looking at $350,000 – $500,000. Now for some, that’s still mighty high. But when you look at the Mako’s closest competition aka Cirrus SR22, then you’ll see the true value of this aircraft. Because you are spending about 40% less to get just about the same features, performance and more.

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