Flying The Sling TSi Over 2,000 Miles To Sun ‘n Fun

Sling TSi KIT

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The Sling Tsi is coming to Sun n fun next week. And it’s flying coast to coast all the way from Compton California to Lakeland Florida. The flight will be a straight shot; meaning absolutely no stops.

This trip is roughly 1800 nautical miles (2,070 miles). That’s double the mileage a standard Sling Tsi can fly in a straight shot. But these guys, Wayne and Jean are daredevils and they are willing to fly the airplane 10-12 hours straight by bring along extra gallons of fuel on board. They will have a total of 86 gallons of fuel at their disposal, 66 gallons in the fuel tanks and 20 gallons additional carry on. This should give them the range they need to get to Florida.

Here is the flight plan and estimate numbers:
Cruise altitude – 17,500 feet
Fuel consumption – 8 gallons per hour
Range – 1800 nautical miles
Travel time – 10 – 12 hours

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