Blackhawk Helicopter Remake l BHI H60

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At NBAA in Orlando, had the opportunity to checkout another helicopter by Sikorsky, the U-H60 aka blackhawk. But this was a reconfigured model of the blackhawk helicopter by a company called Firehawk.

The BHI H60 Helicopter comes in different variations and server different mission. But the particular model shown in the video, the H-60X is configured mainly for military training purpose.

Specs on the H60 Helicopter differs based on model, but below are the specs for the Blackhawk helicopter which is the main platform for these military birds.

speed: up to 159 kn (183 mph; 294 km/h)
range: up to1,380 mi[170] (1,200 nmi; 2,220 km)
flight ceiling: 19,000 ft (5,790 m)
rate of climb: 1,315 ft/min
price: $21.3 million

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