WHY I Decided To Build My First Airplane

A year ago I began the search for my first airplane, which I’d plan to fly across the country and bring you all more aviation videos. I’ve had the opportunity to fly several varieties of aircraft over the years, including more well-known aircraft like Diamondstars and Pipers, but my heart was stolen by the thrilling ride of experimental aircraft. After careful consideration, interviewing dozens of pilots, and of course consulting my wife, I’ve decided to build a full-scale experimental airplane, The Sling TSi. The Sling is modern a 4-seater airplane with amazing cross country capabilities. This plane will go a thousand miles without needing to stop for fuel. And you’re cruising at 170 mph. Compared to other 4-seater airplanes, the power to weight ratio in the Sling TSi is almost unbeatable. It is lighter, faster, and so much more fun to fly!

It is incredibly exciting to go the experimental route and build an airplane, but safety remains the number one priority. This is why I’ve opted to go through a build assist program where I have access to the right tools, experienced builders and meticulously trained professionals guiding me through the entire process, rather than attempting the build on my own in a garage (yes, pilots do this!). Your donation will go towards the cost for the build assist program, my travel to and from Los Angeles to work on-site, as well as resources for filming and editing. I am estimating that the time it will take to build this airplane from kit to finish will be approximately 6-9 months, which is plenty of time to get some incredible footage of an airplane being built from scratch.

The most exciting part of this project is that we will be taking the journey together. I will be documenting the entire build so that I can share with you all as my co-builders. You will help choose the name, color, and avionics panel of the airplane. So many decisions must be made, and I know there is a wild imagination and creativity in you that can become a reality through this build. Additionally, few lucky supporters will have the opportunity to join me in Los Angeles and get hands-on experience building a full-scale airplane!

Many of you who watch my videos can testify that I have a deep fascination with airplanes. I always have! My ultimate goal is to give a BIGGER voice to aviation. Show that it’s not only for a select few but that it is open to everyone. This is the reason I have spent the last few years traveling the country and interviewing other pilots from all different walks of life. This is the reason I am building a Sling TSi, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Thank you so much for reading this and for supporting this project. You are amazing!


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