The First Sling TSi Airplane In America – Private Viewing

At the airplane factory this past week to check out the all new experimental Sling 4 tsi. This aircraft is officially the flagship airplane for airplane factory.

Built on a successful platform of the Sling 4 turbo. The all new TSi gives the builder and Pilot even better performance; longer range, better climb rate and faster cruise speeds at 145 knots to 150 knots. All with a turbocharged, full fadec rotax 915 engine. This power plant allows the airplane to push out 140hp on take off and 135 hp continuous all the way to 15,000 feet. What the means for the Sling is that you have almost full power even in higher altitude. This will allow the Tsi to out perform even some high performance airplanes in higher altitude.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go out and fly because The Tsi is currently grounded, also the current weather in LA is all rainy. But I promise to bring you more coverage on this aircraft in future dates.

Sling TSI Specs

Cruise Speed: 155+ ktas
Fuel Burn: 8 gph
Rate of Climb: 1,000 fpm
Max Range: 800 nm
Fuel Capacity: 45 gals
Max Gross: 2,095 lbs
Empty Weight: 1,080 lbs
Useful Load: 1,015 lbs
Wing Span: 31.3’
Cockpit Width: 44”
Engine Type: Rotax 915iS
Power: Turbo Charged FADEC 141 HP

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