Fast Airplanes Are Cheaper To fly

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Owning a personal aircraft is every pilot’s dream. When you are ready to take that big step, one of the things you will considers is the speed/performance of your potential airplane.
Fast airplanes are like sports cars. Fun agile but also deadly. Unlike cars though, a faster airplane can make economical sense when it comes to the fuel consumption.
In this video I do a comparison between a certified airplane (diamond da40) and an experimental airplane (glasair 2 or 3). Both which cost about the same to buy and operate, but one is almost twice as fast than the other. The glasair generally speaking is a faster airplane that requires more skill and experience to fly. The glasair is also considered a complex aircraft because of the retractible gears. Boasting speeds at over 250 miles per hour, you get to your destination much quicker while burning less than 14 gallons per hour.
The diamond da40 on the other hand is also a superb airplane, very nice to fly and much more forgiving than the glasair. Although the diamondstar travels at half the speed, it also means you can fly it slower on low approaches and you can make some mistakes because it is less agile or twitchy.
The main comparison here is which plane is better to buy as a pilot with low hours. Do you choose speed or overall safety?

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