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All New Sling 4 TSi

We are at EAA Air venture 2018 in Oshkosh Wisconsin, and today we finally meet the newly redesigned Sling 4 aircraft. the South Afri...

TORC T14 Helmet Review

Here is my review of the Torc T14 Bluetooth Helmet. I personally used this helmet for about a year and it was good helmet for what y...
flying cars of the future

5 Flying Cars Of The Future

The technology for a Flyer or flying cars is no longer a thing of the future. There have been several designed concepts of cars and...

5 Best Seaplanes In The World

Amphibian airplanes can be a relatively new concept even to pilots. That’s because most of us train in tricycle, land airplanes. But...
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Diamond DA40 Airplane Review

If you’ve been following MojoGrip on YouTube you may already know that I personally learned how to fly in a Diamomdstar DA40....
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How To Get A Weather Briefing

Here a good example on how to get a weather briefing for your flight via phone call to Flight service. It is absolutely free to use,...