5 Best Seaplanes In The World

Amphibian airplanes can be a relatively new concept even to pilots. That’s because most of us train in tricycle, land airplanes. But the fact is 70% of planet is covered by water so it only makes sense that we have airplanes that can land or float on water. Well we do, and today we are checking out 5 of the best light modern sea planes available in the industry.

Being that these aircraft are light, and many of them in the LSA category, you get limited amount space/useful load and you’re traveling no more than 120 miles per hour for the most part. Here are the airplanes listed:

1. Icon A5

Arguably one of the most technologically advanced light plane built in the last 20 years. The Icon A5 stuck a chord with many old and new pilots, particularly those who want to fly just for fun or sport. The airplane is known for its good handling capabilities and anti-stall safety feature. But honestly there is no such thing as anti-stall for an airplane. Due to troubles and some failed promises over the years, the ICON initial goal to take over the sport aviation market has somewhat stalled. There are very few production airplanes flying today, and pilot/owners seem to be very happy with the product. Below are specs for the A5.

USEFUL LOAD: 430-550 lbs
RANGE: Up to 491 miles
SPEED: Up to 109 mph
PRICE: $269,000

2. Super Petrel LS

If you’re in the US, You probably haven’t heard about this amphibious plane. Me either, not until researching for this video. The Petrel is a French/Brazilian design and although popular around the world, its a bit quiet here in the United States. With all the cool features in the airplane though, which includes double wings, and a turbo charged engine upgrade, all for $175,000. Not bad, hopefully the company gets more love and coverage. Below are specs for the Super Petrel.

USEFUL LOAD: 537 lbs
RANGE: Up to 590 miles
SPEED: Up to 115 mph
PRICE: $175,000

3. Vickers Waves

An Icon A5 lookalike but much sleeker. This airplane is designed by founder and owner Paul Vicker from new Zealand. Lots of cool features including those folding wings also seen the Icon A5. But the Vicker is still in design phase. There is no flying prototype yet to confirm any performance numbers. Below are specs for the Vicker Waves.

USEFUL LOAD: 500 lbs
RANGE: Up to 828 miles
SPEED: Up to 138 mph
PRICE: $180,000

4. MVP

The name alone draws special attention. MVP is another light seaplane that flames to be the most practical of all. With this plane you can fly on land, water and snow. You can also take it fishing, camping and much more. Perfect airplane for the all the adventurous daredevils out there. Below are specs for the MVP.

USEFUL LOAD: 450 lbs
SPEED: Up to 120 mph
PRICE: $189,000

5. Searey

Available in both light sport and experimental with your choice of engine, ranging from the Rotax 912, 914 or 915. The Searey airplane is hands down the best bank for the money. No it’s not the best looking plane when compared to the other sleeker ones like the A5 or the Vicker, but you get all the same feature and then some with the Searey. And a complete light aircraft will only cost you $125,000. Below are specs for the Searey.

USEFUL LOAD: 450 lbs
RANGE: Up to 416 miles
SPEED: Up to 120 mph
PRICE: $125,000

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