YouTuber Admits He Crashed His Plane On Purpose So He Could Boost His Channel’s Views

Youtube influencer Trevor Jacobs admits to crashing his plane to boost his channel views and clinch sponsorship.

A youtube influencer has done the unthinkable by risking his life and a jail term to gain views on his youtube channel. Trevor Jacobs the actor pilot in his movie was flying his aircraft from Lompoc City airport to Mammoth Lakes. So what are the facts of this case?


1 Trevor Jacobs is a YouTube pilot aged 29 years.

2 He is a former Olympic snowboarder

3 He admits to having crashed his plane on purpose to get views

4 He had secured a sponsorship deal for his channel to promote a wallet in his videos per the DOJ.

5 He also owned up to having tried to cover up the crash by retrieving the airplane and dismantling it .6 He has admitted to having tried to cover up the crash.

7 He filmed himself jumping out of his single-propeller airplane above the Los Padres National Forest in November 2021.

8 He uploaded a video titled ‘crashed my plane’.

9 His Youtube channel has 137000 subscribers.

10 He has pleaded guilty to one count of destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation

11 He could face up to 20 years in a federal prison.

12 He admitted to the authorities that he wanted to make good money from the video of the crash

13 He had a contract to promote a wallet on his channel

14 He made a false accident report and lied to investigators.

15 He is expected to appear in court soon.

16 He claimed to be carrying a plastic bag with the ashes of his dead friend base jumper Johny Strange who passed in 2015.

As he jumped out of the airplane, he filmed his descent with a selfie stick. and jumped out with a parachute. This video got 2.97 million views and was therefore a fait accompli for him

Why would a young man of 29 years endanger his life for fame and money? Whereas the court is seized of the matter, parents, and relatives appear to have skipped a lesson for the young pilot. Let us hope that this matter will be rested in court and the lessons derived thereby will assist society to avoid such in the future.

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