The Bristell Has Better Range. But Sportcruiser Is Much More Affordable

Two of my favorite light sport aircraft are the Bristell and the Czech Sportcruiser. I’ve had an opportunity to fly both these airplanes, which I also featured on the channel here

The Sportcruiser and the Bristell are both low wing airplanes. And they are identical in the base engine they use; A Rotax 912 engine. Their performance, also comparable. A sportcruiser will cruise between 100 and 120 knots, so will a Bristell. The range on the sport cruise is 600 miles, while the range on the Bristell is a bit more at 800 miles.

Design-wise, you would really need to look closer. Both aircraft comes beautifully designed with all leather seating and a glass panel. The Bristell comes equipped with Garmin avionics while the Sportcruiser comes equipped with Dynon avionics. Both superb modern panels with more than enough data for the average pilot. Bristell does have a wider interior cabin at 50 inches. Sportcruiser has a cabin of 46 inches, which is more than enough for 2 full grown adults.

Price: A base Sportcruiser sells for $144,000. A base model Bristell sells for $160,000. Thats a price difference of almost $20,000.

See the video yourself and you be the judge. Let me know which you like better; Bristell or Sportcruiser?

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