Bicycle With Wings – Evolution Trikes

Welcome to true Ultralight flying. Ever wondered what a bicycle with wings look like? well this is it. Say hello to Evolution Trikes; a company that builds and sells ultralight aircraft like the Rev, Revo and Revolt.

I’m just being introduced to these flying evolution myself and it certainly is very intriguing. From what I’m told, you are legally not required to have a license to fly these, or many ultralight aircraft in the united states. It is recommended that you become licensed or at least get some proper training before you jump in and go flying.

Evolution Trikes currently offer 3 models starting with the Rev, a small engine trike with only 5 gallons of fuel tank on board. It will cruise at 40-45 mph. And You’ll get about 2 hours of flight time with 5 gallons of fuel. Now given the nature (weight and construction) of trikes. Best to fly on calm cool days rather than a windy day.

The smallest trike here starts at $20,000. You may visit to get more info

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